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Solutions for your accommodation in Montreal

1. Renting an unfurnished apartment


For a rental of 12 months or more, we can propose you unfurnished housing. The rental price in this case will not include electricity or heating. You will appreciate our buildings locations in quiet neighborhoods and the quality of their accommodation.

2. Renting a furnished apartment


If you are planning to come to Montreal for several months, we offer you living arrangements suited just for you. Our services include heating, hot water, electricity as well as internet wifi.

Located in the vibrant Quartier Latin district, our selection of apartments ranges from studio (1 ½), one bedroom apartment (2 ½), apartment with 2 bedrooms (4 ½).

3. Apartment sharing

For young people who come to Montreal to study, attend an internship/practicum, or work for a brief period, we offer you a room to rent in a spacious apartment with shared kitchen, living room and bathroom.

You will share the house with other young people from different countries, independent and serious. You will meet people, develop warm friendships, and feel safe, while in the company of others.

You will never be alone to face the cold Canadian winters! 

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